Farmers seek rootworm solutions

After a troublesome 2023, more farmers are looking for ways to deal with corn rootworm problems. 

Agronomist Branden Furseth with Dairyland Seed tells Brownfield much of southern Wisconsin has been dealing with more corn rootworm problems for a couple of years, but the rootworms are spreading further north. “We’re starting to see it push up here into the Lake Winnebago area. I think you could maybe see some higher pressure instances up towards the Green Bay area as well, and then the more central part of the state. The central sands may be a little more rotation-dependent there.”

Furseth says a lot more farmers are asking their seed suppliers about seed traits and treatments than before. “It’s good that a lot of people are having those proactive conversations ahead of time rather than getting surprised. That’s been a good thing.”

Furseth says so far, most farmers are sticking to their rotation plan with a few farmers putting in more soybeans because of pests and prices.

Audio: Branden Furseth discusses spring preparations and rootworm concerns with Brownfield’s Larry Lee at the WPS Farm Show in Oshkosh, WI

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