Farmers take advantage of drier conditions for forage cutting

A central Missouri farmer says the consistent rains have delayed cutting triticale and the crop has declined in quality.

But Nathan Alpers says there will be more tonnage compared to last year.

“It’s a lot taller than last year, because last year we got it cut at the optimal time. This year, due to Mother Nature, we’ve had to wait, wait and wait. It’s 5 feet tall and it will make a lot of hay, but we probably will lose optimum quality.”

Alpers says he plans to bale triticale and finish up sometime Monday before another rain comes. He says with a window of decent weather ahead, several farmers are putting up hay.

“There’s a lot of hay down that farmers are trying to get while we can.”

Alpers says he also planted oats this year for extra forage for his cattle.  

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