Farmers Union likes Biden’s hunger plan, questions tax change details

The National Farmers Union President supports part of President Biden’s American Families Plan but has questions about the tax changes.

In a statement, Farmers Union President Rob Larew says the hunger issue is not a new problem and won’t disappear after the pandemic.  He says America already has a safety net to catch families when money is tight, but it is not strong or wide enough to support everyone who needs help, he supports expanding free school meals and summer EBT assistance.

When it comes to Biden’s tax proposal, Larew has questions about how Biden’s pay-for provisions and elimination of the step-up basis will impact farmers and ranchers.  Larew says the White House promised the change would be designed with protections for family-owned businesses and farms, but the devil is in the details, and those details are not yet clear.

Farmers Union also supports Biden’s immigration policy, which includes fast-tracking farmworkers for naturalization.

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