Fertilizer prices shed light on the value of banded applications

Jason Webster presents research results from their PTI farm during the 2023 Precision Planting Winter Conference

Increased input prices have research agronomists looking for more profitable fertilizer management strategies.

Precision Planting agronomist Cory Muhlbauer tells Brownfield the 2022 season highlighted the value of in-season, banded fertilizer applications.

“With current commodity prices, the opportunity is almost double what it was a year ago at the increase in profitability for implanting those types of practices.”                    

Jason Webster who manages their Precision Technology Institute research farm shares the numbers.

“We are seeing $30 to $50 per acre wins and reducing some of the fertilizer we are using because we are putting it into bands. So that offsets some of the higher costs of fertilizer farmers are having to pay right now.”        

They say the price increases have pushed farmers to pay more attention to the return on investment of their inputs and if you haven’t already, re-evaluating your fertilizer application strategy could help your bottom line for the 2023 season.

Brownfield interviewed Muhlbauer and Webster during the 2023 Precision Planting Winter Conference in Tremont Thursday.

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