Fieldwork is underway in Western Indiana

Fieldwork is underway for Western Indiana farmer Kevin Cox.

“We’ve been getting all the equipment ready to go because any day the weather could change, it could warm up and dry up and we want to be prepared and be ready to roll,” he says. “We had the ability to be able to get in the field and start putting on some anhydrous. So that was good. We ran for three or four days before rains came in. We’ve also been working on erosion issues and fixing tile holes, waterways, and ditches.”

Cox says he plans on planting soybeans early again this year.

“Last year we planted soybeans around April 8th, the earliest I’ve ever planted in our part of the world. We have a lot of heavy, tight clay so it doesn’t typically warm up and dry up quite like some other soil types,” he says. “It was a great crop. I’d love to be able to do that again. We’re actually got one planter hooked on, we have seed on hand, and we’re ready to go.”  

Brownfield interviewed him during the Student Soybean Innovation Competition hosted by the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Purdue University.  

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