Finding the right aerial applicator

Ray Cottingham with Agriflite Services at Wakarusa, Indiana says in the past, farmers have gone to an aerial application when they’ve been unable to get in the field, Cottingham says that’s changing.

“In the past aerial application in general has almost been almost a 9-1-1 service, both on fertilizer, fungicide and cover crops, but I think you’re going to see that start changing,” said Cottingham. “The relationship you can build with an applicator is the most vital and will help up change the industry from a 9-1-1 service to a tool each retailer and grower can use.”

Cottingham says the process for finding the right aerial applicator begins now and not when you need one.

“Start researching your applicator, look for the good communication, the network of who they are working with, find testimonials that you can ask around about the kind of work they do, which preferably happens in the winter,” Cottingham said. “If you do it in the winter, it gives you time to set-up what’s going to happen in the summer, the kind of acres you’ll be looking at doing, you can start getting the maps to them, to get a plan in place and also the product.”

Audio: Ray Cottingham, Agriflite Services (11:35 MP3)

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