Fischbach looks for trade boost in next farm bill

A member of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade wants to ensure more resources for trade promotion programs are included in the next farm bill.

Minnesota Republican Michelle Fischbach tells Brownfield access to foreign markets is critical to the success of U.S. agriculture.

“We have doubled a lot of the money for the market development and market access programs in the farm bill, trying to help those farmers find new markets because we can’t rely on just one (market). We can’t send everything to China.”

She suggests the Biden administration has not made trade a priority.

“So we’ve really taken that upon ourselves to really make sure that we are promoting that, (and it’s) part of the reason Chairman Thompson looked at increases in both of those programs in the farm bill.”

Fischbach says she’s looking forward to seeing the language as the House Ag Committee prepares for markup next week.

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