Fischer outlines several priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill

As farm bill discussions are heating up, the senior Senator from Nebraska is sharing her priorities for the upcoming reauthorization.

Republican Deb Fischer says she wants to increase affordability of precision agriculture technology. “So they can advantage of having the technology to help them to use less inputs, less fertilizer, less water, and that helps them increase their bottom line to have larger profits.”

Fischer has sponsored The Precision Loan Act and the PRECISE Act, which would expand coverage through existing USDA loan programs.  

She tells Brownfield she also wants to include a bill, the Emergency Conservation Program Improvement Act, that would help deliver disaster relief payments to producers. “A lot of times now they have to wait 2 years.  That’s waiting too long to try and recover from a major disaster that has hit your operation and your business.”  

And, she says, she wants to find ways to make USDA programs more efficient. “I want to make sure that we look at programs that are working and finance those programs.  I want to also look at programs that aren’t working so we can make decisions that are helpful to producers.”

Fischer says another priority is strengthening the farm safety net. 

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