Fish and chicken are increasing soy demand worldwide

The fish and poultry markets are helping drive worldwide soybean demand helping increase farmers profitability.

Kansas farmer and United States Soybean Export Council Board Member Lance Rezac (REE-zack) says demand for soybeans is directly linked to income. “People get more money, the first thing they want to do is get more protein or a lot of times it’s an animal protein.”

He tells Brownfield when consumers have more money to spend, they’ll purchase more food that was raised using soybeans. “There is so many people in the world that have a chance to go to a higher standard of living.  We don’t realize how many poor people there are.  We haven’t even gotten into places like Africa and India,” he says. “I think the demand for soy is going to keep going up.  I think as producers, we have to keep producing what we can just to keep up with demand.”

China is the top U.S. and world customer for soybeans – importing 60 percent of the commodity traded in the world.

Brownfield interviewed Rezac at the 2021 Kansas Soybean Expo.

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