Focusing on SCN management strategies

A soybean specialist says now’s the time for farmers to scout for soybean cyst nematode infestations.

Don Gehrls with Pioneer tells Brownfield the yield-robbing pest substantially decreases yields without inducing obvious symptoms in the crop.

“It is tough to identify,” he said. “Really, it’s about doing digs. You’ll do it across your field, and you find out, ‘Oh, there really is a problem.’ More and more folks are starting to do that.”

Gehrls says there are ways farmers can manage SCN.

“The two biggest things that we’ve found is picking a variety that gives you the resistance you need and then also seed treatments can help you out there too,” he said. “Pay a lot of attention to what’s in your seed treatment. Some of them have activity with SCN and some don’t, so I think that’s important.”

He says farmers can also rotate non-host crops, like corn and small grains, to reduce infestations. Gehrls spoke during Corteva’s recent summer media event in Johnston, Iowa.

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