Foreign animal disease on pork producers minds

Foreign animal disease (FAD) preparedness remains a top priority for the nation’s pork industry.  

Trish Cook is a pork producer in eastern Iowa…

“Being diligent every day.”  She says, “You can’t take a day off from having good bio-security because you’re only as strong as your weakest moment. So, it’s just very important to be consistent with your bio-security practices.”

Jill Brokaw, a third-generation producer in western Illinois, tells Brownfield…

“Preparation is going to be the key.”  She says, “Any animal disease outbreak affects the sustainability of your farm.”

Dusty Oedekoven, chief veterinarian at the National Pork Board, says bio-security involves everyone on the farm…

“And it’s most important that everybody on the farm understands that bio-security plan and can actually do the steps required there.”  He says, “It’s more than just having a plan on a paper, but actually being able to implement bio-security plans.”

The National Pork Board recently published a series of instructional videos on YouTube to help producers ensure their operations are as bio-secure as possible.

Brownfield interviewed Cook, Brokaw, and Oedekoven at the 2024 National Pork Forum in Chicago.

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