Former National FFA officer reflects on time in office

The most recent National FFA officer from Illinois is reflecting on her time in the blue and gold during this National FFA Week.

Gracie Murphy, of Macomb, retired from her role as regional vice president at the National FFA Convention in November.  She tells Brownfield after spending six years in the organization…

“I’m still getting used to it.”  She says, “It’s weird going to functions and not having to go to Walmart and buy like 3 pairs of pantyhose. You know, being able to like wear jeans and boots like right now. It’s really nice. I’m not gonna lie!”

Murphy says her time in national office was eye opening…

“I traveled the whole entire nation. We also went to South Africa.”  She says, “It was a crazy journey, but it was also really good, and I made a lot of really personal and professional connections throughout the journey too. So, a lot of positive things that I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience.”

Murphy, who’s been making a few speaking engagements in recent weeks, says her message encourages leaders to learn themselves…

“When I was serving as a leader, you really focus on serving others, but in order to do that and serve others well, I truly believe that you really have to know yourself first and know what you can offer.”  She says, “So it’s all about figuring out who you are and it’s amazing what can happen to you when you just take the chance and you know, try to get to learn yourself more.”

Murphy is enrolled in her second semester at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  She’s studying a double major of ag communications and ag business & economics. 

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