Foundational markets for U.S. pork export growth

The National Pork Board sees Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa as foundational markets for U.S. pork export growth.

NPB vice president of international market development Courtney Knupp says Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and the Caribbean present a lot of opportunity.

“One, they’re close to home. They have a preference for pork, and we can grow a consumption. So market size, as well as market share, is a focus for us. So we’re in a great position there. But we also continue to have our eye and our working on developing Africa.”

Speaking to Brownfield during World Pork Expo earlier this month, she said half the African continent will consume pork based on religious preference.

“I know the National Pork Producers Council, they work on market access, so they continue to target countries like South Africa to get more preferential access for us. We’re working with the Cold Chain Alliance to work on infrastructure.”

And Knupp says USDA recently launched a regional agricultural promotion program focused on Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean.

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