Frigid cold makes tractor cab a necessity

The frigid cold temperatures are a challenge for livestock producers who are taking all the measures they can to keep their animals and themselves safe.

Ronnie Russell raises cattle in west-central Missouri and tells Brownfield Ag News he’s grateful for his tractor cab, “When we started getting and spending money on these expensive tractors with cabs on them there were people that would say ‘they don’t need to be spending money on that, that’s just a luxury.’ Well, you know, you get out on a morning like this morning is and go out and feed cattle with an open station tractor and you soon find out it’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity.”

Russell says he’s glad he can drive right up to his waterer to check on it while keeping the heater on. He says the cold is more tolerable for him and his cattle when there’s no wind.  Russell is president of the Missouri Soybean Association.

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