Frustrations over input costs grow for farmers with planting season weeks away

Farmers across the Corn Belt say they continue to experience sticker shock from input prices.  

Brandon Hunnicutt, a farmer on the board of Nebraska Corn Growers Association, says global tensions are fueling uncertainty in the fertilizer market. “This something that I’ve never seen from this standpoint of flying up this fast, this high, this quickly,” he says.

Ohio farmer Jeff Sollars tells Brownfield fertilizer availability isn’t a concern, but cost is. “Here in the last week again have gone out of sight. 

Iowa Corn Growers Association President Lance Lillibridge says margins are tightening. “But, even if you have high prices if you don’t have a decent margin, it’s neither here nor there.  It’s a losing deal.”

Jackson, Illinois farmer Tim Thompson, a member of the Illinois Corn Growers Association, says some inputs are in short supply. “I know things are behind now, but what is it going to be in 2023 and the prices correlated to that?”

Brownfield interviewed the growers at the 2022 Commodity Classic.

Brandon Hunnicutt:

Jeff Sollars:

Lance Lillibridge:

Tim Thompson:

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