FSA busy with risk management sign-ups

Sign-ups for USDA risk management programs are open, and a Farm Service Agency official says offices have been busy.  Greg Biba is the Chief Program Specialist for FSA in Wisconsin, and he says, “Our offices have definitely seen activity, for sure.”

Biba says farmers have been making appointments at local offices. “I know they’re calling to get some appointments to get in and make some risk management decisions for dairy and at the same time, they’re completing that work they need to do for ARC-PLC.”

The Dairy Margin Coverage program is also open for enrollment.  Biba says sign-up for that program was delayed. “We’ve been waiting for that program to get out and get rolling. It was part of the extension of the farm bill, but it did need some revisions and modifications, updates to the regulation process, and that is now complete.”

Biba says DMC participants may get January and February payments, even though signups are just beginning. “It does look like there’s a possibility for some margin below that $9.50 level and yes, if that happens, and once they get signed up, and once they get enrolled for 2024, they would be eligible for those payments and they would go back starting at the first of the year.”

Biba says farmers should schedule appointments with local FSA offices soon, and not wait until the deadlines are near. The deadline for ARC and PLC is March 15th, and the deadline for the Dairy Margin Coverage Program is April 29th.

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