Fuel prices could push more anglers to utilize ethanol

The host of Crappie Masters and Crappie USA says higher gas prices will likely incentivize more fisherman to utilize ethanol-based fuels this season.  

Brian Sowers tells Brownfield ethanol-based fuel options ease costs for fisherman that spend the season both on the water and the roads traveling between tournaments.

“Especially with gas prices the way they are right now, it is nice to have options like E15 and E85 to help cut the costs of that gas when you’re traveling across the country fishing tournaments. Plus, it helps American farmers.”

He says they’ve partnered with the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council for several years educating anglers about the benefits of using E10 in their boats.

“The environmental benefits are huge. You have healthier fisheries, healthier fish, cleaner water, cleaner emissions, cleaner air and that is what we all want.”

He says when boat motors break down, it is easy to blame ethanol, but through this grassroots effort, they have proven E10 is safe for boat motors.  

“All major engine manufacturers on the marine side approve E10 fuel. Even the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) now says E10 fuel is safe to use in those boat motors.”

Sowers says their tournament winners who use E10 in their boats receive bonus money up to $2,000, another way they are promoting ethanol-based fuels.

Sowers discusses the topic further in this episode of Missouri Corn Talk.

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