Goodlatte worker visa bill refined, closer to introduction

The top official of the American Dairy Coalition says there’s progress on Representative Bob Goodlatte’s proposal for foreign labor visas.  CEO Laurie Fischer tells Brownfield, “Progress on the Goodlatte bill is going well.  We’re still hearing that we may be able to see something introduced and then shortly after that, it will be going to conference committee.”

Fischer tells Brownfield there has been some concern and confusion about the 500-thousand worker limits in Goodlatte’s bill but says farmers and workers will like the newer draft of the bill.  “Everyone here working in agriculture and ag-related businesses will be allowed to be part of this program.  There, of course, is going to be a vetting process so those that have records, we have yet to see how that plays out.”

The National Council of Agricultural Employers told Brownfield earlier this month they were worried about possible limits with more than a million foreign-born ag workers already in the U.S.

Fischer says the bill as she last saw it protects workers from deportation immediately while the new H2-C rules are still being written.

Senior House Judiciary Council Stephanie Gadbois tells Brownfield the bill will likely be introduced next week.


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