Goodyear uses soy oil, other sustainable materials in new demo tire

Goodyear has unveiled a tire made of 90% sustainable materials that mostly come from agriculture.

Bob Woloszynek, Chief Engineer of Goodyear’s Global Material Development team, says they have utilized new carbon black technology that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“They are either produced from a sustainable feedstock or some sort of recycled materials,” he said. “That’s really going to help the overall footprint, compared to our traditional methods.”

He tells Brownfield soybean oil is used to help keep the tire’s rubber compound pliable in changing temperatures. “For all-season type tires or even winter tires, you obviously want something that in cold temperatures the rubber will grip the road better.”

Woloszynek says the demonstration tire has passed all regulatory and internal testing. He says it isn’t quite ready for production, but the company plans to sell a tire with up to 70% sustainable-material content in 2023.

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