Governor says lack of free trade agreements provides roadblock for pork exports

A Midwestern governor says it’s crucial that the US overcomes trade barriers in Southeast Asia to help increase pork exports.

Nebraska’s Jim Pillen tells Brownfield more trade agreements and a reduction on pork tariffs with Vietnam could help. “Vietnam has a lot of free trade agreements with a ton of countries, but they don’t with us.  We need to get governors together to try and make sure we have an influence with the administration to make sure we have a level playing field.”

In opening remarks at the Nebraska Pork Expo on Wednesday, Pillen said a group of Republican governors is meeting next week to take up the issue.

Pillen said last week’s trade mission to Vietnam showed that consumer demand is on the rise. “Pork is their biggest protein and we can compete with anybody.”

And, he says, Vietnam’s humid climate isn’t conducive to raising pigs, which makes it even more critical to expand that market.

Jim Pillen, Nebraska Governor:

  • It’s too bad toxic feedlots and neutered corn have largely replaced renewable natural family farming practices. Gov. Ricketts declared Nebraska a watershed, meaning we’re not holding water for what was a prairie ecosystem, except where bison and grass-fed animals are raised. But it’s corruption from Big Ag exploiters of our national soil bank that have robbed America. A privately owned Federal Reserve, a fake debt ceiling, operating while allowing ocean and land purification. So some good news is: decentralized wind energy is growing, and see “Future by Design” on Youtube for a non-apocolyptic vision of a feasible future. Thanks!

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