Grassley concerned China tariff retaliation will include U.S. ag

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley is concerned American farmers will be caught in the crossfire if China retaliates to new tariffs imposed by the Biden administration.

The Iowa Republican tells Brownfield it’s difficult to predict what the Chinese government might do.

“But there is a pattern that (was) set when Trump put tariffs on that weren’t as broad as what Biden has done, we saw retaliation against agricultural products.”

He says that harmed U.S. farmers and the Trump administration used Commodity Credit Corporation funds to offset the damage.

“But since we saw it after Trump put tariffs on, I think it’s a fair assumption that we’re going to have some hurt on agricultural products.”

Grassley says he did not agree with the Trump administration’s use of CCC during the trade war with China and accuses the Biden administration of abusing the program in other ways.

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