Grassley concerned EPA will ban over the top dicamba application

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s concerned the EPA will ban over the top application of dicamba.

He tells Brownfield a recent meeting between lawmakers and EPA Administrator Michael Regan on pesticide registrations was ‘discouraging’.

“They feel like they have to give a review of all pesticides because of potential court cases because they have one court case chastising [them] for not doing it right,” Grassley said.

Grassley said most of the conversation was focused on dicamba.

The Iowa Senator said the EPA has already issued several decisions making weed and pest management more difficult and similar decisions could be coming.

“I left them with this, that if you can’t use dicamba for over the top application, you’re going to effectively ban dicamba,” he said.

Grassley said he wants an answer from Regan on how farmers should effectively control weeds without the use of dicamba.

Senators Mike Braun of Indiana, Joni Ernst of Iowa, and Roger Marshall of Kansas also participated in last week’s meeting with the EPA. 

  • I have six heritage apple tress which had a most bountiful crop three years ago. Now all six of four different varieties
    are dying. Adjacent to our property the crop planters for corn and soybeans spray often using small aircrafts.
    Why should all six suddenly die. The year prior to this the fruit was inedible because of bad tastes. The stamen-winesaps
    no longer tasted like wine! Apple trees should live for 50 years. These just reached their prime at about 25 years.
    What is happening to my dogwood, redbud, and tulip poplar? My cultivated pecan trees had two good crops after 17 years
    wait to bear. The last two years there have been NO pecans. We are surrounded by crop farmers who spray and spray!
    Are only corn and soybeans allowed to grow in Kentucky?!

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