Grassley encourages Biden to take Japan up on TPP invite

Japan’s Prime Minister invited the U.S. to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership this week.

The invitation was extended to President Biden during a joint conference Monday.

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley tells Brownfield the administration should take up the Japanese offer.

“If it’s possible just to get in on the condition that we were willing to accept it when Trump took us out, I would be in favor of that.”

But the Iowa Republican says he doesn’t think the administration wants to negotiate any free trade agreements, including TPP.

“And I think it’s sad, particularly for agriculture, because the prosperity of agriculture depends upon exports. I’m mad that they aren’t being more aggressive in negotiating free trade agreements.”

Grassley says the Biden administration seems to be trying to make up for not being in TPP by having more informal arrangements with Indo-Pacific countries.

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