Grassley says GMO corn trade dispute needs to be resolved

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s frustrated over Mexico’s revised biotech corn ban.

“Mexico doubled down in resistance to GMOs,” he said Tuesday morning.

Mexican officials recently announced an immediate ban of genetically modified corn imports for human consumption. Imports of GMO corn for animal feed and industrial use will be allowed until there are viable alternatives.

The Iowa Republican says the U.S. Trade Representative needs to, “…implement the trade arbitration rules that are in USMCA.”

Grassley says farmers need certainty about the top export market for U.S. corn.

  • Is the corn seed stock in our country so corrupted with genetic modifications it is impossible to grow non GMO corn for the markets that want it? If customers want special product that cost additional input costs or has limited availability, most businesses simply pass that costs on and satisfy demand.
    I don’t understand this argument at all, it makes it look like we don’t care what our customers want because it might take us getting off our lazy butts.

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