Grazing winter cattle with sorghum saves money

An agronomy field specialist says strip grazing cattle with grain sorghum saves money and provides health benefits.

Rusty Lee, with the University of Missouri, tells Brownfield strip grazing sorghum cut his winter cattle feeding cost in half.

“If you have between 80 and 100 head of cows, everyday you move that wire you’re sticking a hundred-dollar bill in your pocket,” Lee said. “That’s how much reduction in Winter feeding cost there is over feeding hay.”

Lee said his data shows that taking cattle off fescue for at least 30 days leads to higher conceptions rates too. He recommends back grazing the sorghum field daily in sections that takes the cattle roughly 30 minutes to consume.

Lee said farmers should wait until a week after the first fall frost before letting their cattle graze sorghum to prevent prussic acid poisoning. Lee held a session on strip grazing with sorghum at the MU Crop Management Conference.

Rusty Lee Interview

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