Great Lakes Christmas tree sales limited by supplies

A recent survey of Christmas tree growers across the Great Lakes finds sales last year were significantly impacted by tree availability.

Michigan State University Extension’s Bill Lindberg tells Brownfield, “A third of the growers reported increased sales, a third had about consistent sales, and a third had a little bit decrease in sales.”

“But even for the ones that had consistent sales or a little bit decrease in sales, it was really more about having the trees to sell,” he says.

He says demand for real Christmas trees has been especially strong since the pandemic.

“It takes seven to 10 years before you can harvest the tree after planting for sale, so that’s really the crux of the issue,” he explains.

Lindberg says growers have been planting more trees, but it will take a few more years for supplies to catch up with demand.

Many growers surveyed also said a warmer December likely influenced increased demand for choose and cut trees.  

Michigan is the third largest Christmas tree grower behind Washington and Oregon.

AUDIO: Bill Lindberg, Michigan State University Extension

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