Great Lakes YEN participants average 116-bushel wheat

Wheat growers participating in the Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network are studying what factors lead to significantly higher yields.

Executive Director of the Michigan Wheat Program Jody Pollok Newsom tells Brownfield farmers collect their own soil, tissue, and grain samples throughout the season for analysis.

“The information that we gather from all of these growers is going to be shared back and hopefully we’ll look in the future and see how the yields have increased and how some of our strategies have changed,” she says.

Participants in 2022 produced an average yield of 116 bushels per acre across the Great Lakes region with Michigan grower Jeff Krohn, from Elkton, achieving the highest yield of nearly 166 bushels per acre.

“Jeff was much lower when we look at seeds planted than when we look at other participants, he was also up in the Thumb and we know that they did have some dry weather,” she shares.

Growers in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, Kentucky, and Ontario participated in the 2022 program. 

Applications are being accepted for the 2023 season until January 27.

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