Groups ask that Missouri labeling law be blocked

A coalition of groups wants a court to immediately stop enforcement of a Missouri law that prohibits misrepresenting products as meat unless the product comes from animals. The Animal Legal Defense Fund, The Good Food Institute and the Missouri ACLU have asked for the injunction. Their request follows an August lawsuit filed by the Tofurky company challenging the Missouri law’s constitutionality on free speech grounds. The groups say the law disrupts the marketing and packaging practices of plant-based producers.

Missouri Cattleman’s Association executive vice president Mike Deering says plant-based and lab-grown products are not meat and shouldn’t be marketed as meat.

  • Your “meat” is dead flesh. Their “meat” is dead plants. You produce your “meat” using pain and lifelong suffering. You killers are the monsters we have always been afraid would invade us. #carnism #dairykills

  • As we speak (type), there are trillions (literally) of insects, birds, animals, eating other animals alive. It is known as the circle of life. When you hit a frog on the highway, do you stop and hold a funeral? Do you let mice and cockroaches run free in your home? Your ethics, including calling other people killers and monsters, need a deep re-examination.

    Calling plant materials “meat” is very simply misrepresentation of a product and therefore, false advertising.

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