Growers see practices and products in action during DEKALB/Asgrow field day

Farmers attending a DEKALB/Asgrow field day in southern Indiana this week toured a demonstration plot to see products in action.

Jordan Arndell is the Asgrow product manager.

“Each row in this plot is different and we have a little placard out there talking about where to place each product. For example, whether it’s a good drought product or a good wet soils type product,” he says. “And then the soybean blocks, we have all the products that we’re going to support as a Southern Indiana team. Those are planted out here and we have identical blocks. One block had multiple fungicide passes and some fertility treatments on it, and we put on some dry AMS and things like that, and the other block had no extra special treatment. So, we’re just seeing what some of these practices do to drive yield, how the plants might respond, and what physiological changes we might see.”

This is the third year for the DEKALB/Asgrow field day on Sudan Farms in Elizabethtown, Indiana.

“The Arnholt family who puts this plot out for us and works with us to pull this field day off has been nothing short of gracious and great to work with,” he  says.

The event included a presentation by Crop-Tech Consulting Owner Ken Ferrie on understanding ear flex characteristics and crop fertility.

“I think he really takes it back to the building blocks of how to grow good corn and sometimes especially in the industry that we’re living in now, we could overlook some of those basic fundamentals and skip right over to some of the higher management stuff. But if you didn’t get the building blocks correct, none of it’s going to stand,” Arndell says. “That’s what I hope people took away: back to the basics and start building top end yields from there.”

Other speakers included Greg McClure, an Illinois farmer and a BW Fusion product formulator, and Eric Snodgrass, senior science fellow with Nutrien Ag Solutions.

McClure highlighted the importance of nutrients and provided advice on increasing yields.

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