Harsdorf, state ag administrators support labeling imitation milk and meat

State ag department leaders took a stand on two food labeling issues.

Wisconsin’s Secretary of Agriculture Sheila Harsdorf received strong support for her two resolutions at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture conference.  She tells Brownfield, “I brought forth along with the Commissioner from North Carolina one on milk labeling and another on cell-based meats basically taking a position of the importance of proper labeling.”

Sheila Harsdorf tells Brownfield she wants it to be easy for consumers to tell the difference between real and imitation meat and dairy products.  “We really took a position that it’s important for the USDA to have oversight over that, and so again, proper labeling so the consumer can know what they’re buying.”

Harsdorf says she and her colleagues also want the Food and Drug Administration to enforce current labeling rules for imitation dairy products like soy milk, something most other countries already do.

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