Harvest dragging into November for Illinois farmer

An east central Illinois farmer expected to be done with harvest by now, but cool, wet weather is pushing them well into November.

Jason Rust farms corn and soybeans with his father near Buckley, where they are done with soybean harvest but still have about 25% of their corn left in the field.

“From when we started in September, we thought it was going to be a pretty easy fall and that we would have everything wrapped up by the middle to end of October, but we have had a couple of stretches here where we haven’t been able to do anything in the field for weeks at a time, so it was a struggle in the month of October.”

He says they just got another 4 to 5 inches of rain along with some wind, but the forecast is looking promising.

“The weather forecast is good. It looks like 10-12 days of no rain, not real warm so not the best drying conditions but I would say probably by the end of the week we will start back and see if we can get some more of this corn out.”  

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