Harvest scouting can help improve weed control next spring

The lack of precipitation across the Corn Belt has made it more difficult for farmers to control weeds ahead of the 2023 growing season.

Matt Inman, technical marketing manager with BASF says farmers should take notes as they move through fields during harvest.  “Are they running into problem areas,” he says.  “What worked, what did not work.”

Inman says successful weed management is a year-round job.  He tells Brownfield selecting the right weed control product is crucial, but farmers are also encouraged to take a holistic approach to weed management.  “Whether it’s seeding rates, narrow row spacing, or conventional tillage/no-till, cover, crops, and crop rotation is extremely important,” he says.  “Having that mindset of what I’m doing this year is going to affect me next year and several years down the road.”

Operation Weed Eradication is a BASF-led, industry-wide initiative that encourages an eradication mindset toward problematic weeds like waterhemp and Palmer amaranth from key U.S. growing areas.

AUDIO: Matt Inman, BASF

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