Heavy rainfall could cause nitrogen deficiency

An LG Seeds agronomist is concerned the heavy rains could cause nitrogen deficiency.

Justin Schneider says leaching an issue.

“With all these big rain events we’ve seen in the Eastern Corn belt, especially even here in Michigan, I’m expecting to see some nitrogen deficient corn as we get into late season stuff, looking very good across the state here in Michigan,” he says. But because of all these rain events, I think we’re going to be affected late season.

He tells Brownfield farmers have options.

“Some guys were out there supplementing a little bit of extra nitrogen where they were a little bit worried based on some of these events and some guys will continue to do that when they apply some fungicides,” he says.

Schneider says wet weather may alter nutrient management plans, but over applying shouldn’t be an issue.

AUDIO: Justin Schneider, LG Seeds

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