Hinson backs Farm to Fly Act

A U.S. Representative from Iowa says more clarity is needed for the development of sustainable aviation fuels.

Republican Ashley Hinson tells Brownfield that’s why she’s supporting the Farm to Fly Act. “What we heard over and over again from producers of this fuel, people who are growing the supplies for this fuel, that they needed stability and they needed the answers on this from USDA.”

Among other things, the legislation would foster the production of sustainable aviation fuels within existing USDA programs and ensure the agency’s SAF definitions reflect eligibility for American agricultural crops.

Hinson says expanded sustainable aviation fuel production is needed to help create new markets for U.S. ag products. “It’s designed to say, hey, we want to use the best science and the best modeling that we can because really what this is about is a stable future for domestic energy and again new opportunities for our farmers.”

The bill was recently introduced by Ohio Republican Max Miller.

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