Historic floods in southern Brazil washing out soybeans

Historic flooding in parts of Brazil is expected to have short and long-term impacts on South American crop production.

Michael Cordonnier with Soybean and Corn Advisor says torrential rains are decimating the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

“The worst flooding in the state’s history came at a very inopportune time (because) there are about 20 percent of the soybeans left to harvest, and that state is the second-biggest soybean-producing state in Brazil.”

He tells Brownfield an estimated 1 to 3 million tons of soybeans will be lost.

“Also, there was lots and lots of damage done to the infrastructure, roads and bridges. And even soybean crushing plants under water, and storage facilities under water.”

Cordonnier says that could result in further losses and will have implications for at least the next crop.

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