Hogs for Hunger makes strides at the local level

The Hogs for Hunger program from Missouri Farmers Care is taking a more local approach this year.

There are two paths for Missouri hog farmers and swine exhibitors to participate in the Drive to Feed Kids Hogs for Hunger program this year.

Executive Director Ashley McCarty tells Brownfield participants can take part locally or at the Missouri State Fair. 

“We’re helping feed our communities and keep those pounds of pork close to home to be able to meet the needs of local families so this year’s effort is a far more local effort and maybe more personalized.”

She tells Brownfield the program has been widely supported by the state’s pork industry. 

“In 2023, there were 33,000 servings of pork from great donations from the Missouri State Fair and the Mighty Eagles 4-H Club.”

Among many other supporters as well.

She says those who donate are eligible for a $125 processing reimbursement from the Missouri Farmers Care Foundation.

This is the third year 4-H member and president of the Mighty Eagles 4-H Club Lucas Alexander is donating a hog.

“Another reason I really like this project is not only because it’s easy and simple, but I’m really interested in raising protein for the world to eat.”

Farmers or exhibitors can book processing spots at USDA or state-inspected lockers, coordinate and deliver the pork to the Feeding Missouri food pantry of choice.

Upon delivery, the invoice for processing and the receipt of donation from the food pantry can be submitted to [email protected]. The Missouri Farmers Care Foundation will reimburse farmers and exhibitors $1.25 per pound for processing costs up to $125 per donation. Indicate the number of pounds you intend to give in the commitment letter below. 

To learn more about the program visit

AUDIO: Ashley McCarty, Missouri Farmers Care

AUDIO: Lucas Alexander, Mighty Eagles 4-H Club

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