Holcomb signs historic road funding bill into law

Governor Eric Holcomb has signed historic road funding legislation into law.  The Governor says it is the largest infrastructure program in the state’s history.  “This 20-year, fully-funded infrastructure program will connect Indiana cities to one another, towns to one another, and regions to one another,” he says.  “In fact, it will connect Indiana to the world like never before.”

Central Indiana farmer Anngie Steinbarger says Indiana farmers need access to reliable infrastructure to be able to move their crops to market.  “It’s important that I have bridges that are strong enough to take semis across,” she says.  “If you don’t – then you don’t have access to those markets.  This is an adequate way we can assure we can get our product to market.”

AUDIO: Anngie Steinbarger, Indiana Soybean Alliance Membership Chair

The road funding is user-fee based and will include increased fuel taxes, registration fee increases, and a shift of the sales tax on gasoline to road funding.

Indiana Farm Bureau president Randy Kron  says it isn’t common practice to advocate for tax increases, but the user-based fees are a compromise to help Indiana maintain its competitive advantage.  “A good portion of that money this first year, $260-million, goes back to the locals to help our county roads,” he says.  “Which will make a big impact in a lot of counties.”

AUDIO: Randy Kron, president Indiana Farm Bureau

The bill will provide more than $6 billion in new money for state and local roads over the next seven years.


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