House Appropriations subcommittee approves 2025 USDA funding cuts

A House Appropriations subcommittee is proposing more cuts to the USDA’s budget.

During Tuesday’s markup of the 2025 budget, Ranking Member Sanford Bishop stressed the need to better fund the Economic Research Service and National Agricultural Statistics Service.

“This year, NASS was unable to complete several important surveys, including the July Cattle, Cotton Objective yield, and the County Level Estimate Surveys because of insufficient funding,” he says. “I’m afraid that this bill will prevent the agency from reinstating these. Important surveys that our producers rely on.”

Republican leaders say the budget directs NASS to reinstate those reports.

Bishop says ERS would be shorted $12.5 million and NASS underfunded by $7 million.

Subcommittee Chairman Andy Harris says the legislation reins in wasteful spending.

“We’re no appropriating monopoly money,” he says. “It’s hard earned taxpayer dollars and sometimes tough decisions have to be made.”

The bill, which reduces funding for USDA and the Food and Drug Administration by $355 million from 2024 levels, was passed out of the subcommittee on a party line vote at the close.

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