How climate change could be washing away chances at carbon markets

A Kansas State professor says climate change could be costing farmers opportunities in carbon markets.

Dr. Chuck Rice says rainstorms are increasing in frequency and intensity leading to soil erosion and carbon sequestration issues. “Cover is extremely important, otherwise you’re going to lose the carbon and the soil nutrients and it’s going to go downstream.”

Speaking with Brownfield at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Carbon Summit, he told Brownfield conservation practices will help reduce erosion, increase opportunities for return on investment and improve soil health. “By capturing that water and holding it into the soil, it is reducing flooding downstream, but also keeping the water in the soil profile so that during the dry periods no till and cover cropping periods will allow the water to be used by the crop.”  

Rice says it’s a similar story for drought conditions where water can be preserved for crop and soil health.

Dr. Chuck Rice with Kansas State University:

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