Ibach: Farmers understand trade playing field not level

USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach says farmers are concerned about trade disputes, but he says they understand the trade playing field has not been level.

“There are tariffs in place and sanitary and phytosanitary complications in the trade marketplace that have affected their access and their ability to be more successful than they’ve even been already,” Ibach told reporters at World Pork Expo Thursday.

There’s a lot of hope among farmers that current trade disputes will be resolved through the discussions taking place at the moment, said Ibach.  “And I’m really surprised at how much farmers and ranchers say to me ‘we believe in this process, we believe that we need a better deal and we’re behind the administration’s efforts to get better trade deals.’”

Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Ken Anderson contributed to this article.

AUDIO: Greg Ibach (1 min. MP3)

  • That’s a lot of nonsense from a White House hack. I don’t think he understands the reason for phytosanitary requirements.
    Lack of enforcement = zebra mussels, purple loosestrife, kudzu. LIst of midwest invasive species
    Importing countries have as much right to protect from invasive species as we do.

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