IFCA anticipating Illinois legislation banning important pesticides

The Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association is keeping a close eye out for any pesticide related legislation being introduced in the new General Assembly.

President KJ Johnson tells Brownfield he expects there to be debates about atrazine, chlorpyrifos and Round-Up, but based on congressional action last year, he thinks a ban on dicamba and neonicotinoids could move quickly this year.

“I think they will try and make a major run at those pieces of legislation. The other ones I think they will throw at the wall and see what sticks, but the dicamba and neonic bans are the ones we are really watching right now.”

He says a complete ban on these agronomic tools, being pushed by environmental groups, would not be good for Illinois grain farmers.

“Dicamba is used in soybeans, but when talking to retailers we are hearing more people switching it to a corn product. If we lose those two products in corn, dicamba and atrazine, we are in really tough shape.”  

The 103rd Illinois General Assembly was sworn in on January 11th and bills are being introduced in the coming weeks.

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