IL Congresswoman hopeful for Next Gen Fuels Act movement

One of the original cosponsors of the Next Generation Fuels Act is optimistic that the approval of year-round E15 for 2025 and beyond provides momentum for the bill.

Illinois Congresswoman, and House Ag Committee member, Nikki Budzinski says the legislation would phase in higher gasoline octane levels through the greater use of ethanol… 

“We are making a transition to electric vehicles, but our combustion engines are going nowhere.”  She says, “They’re going to be sticking around and so I think using ethanol, using bio gas, increasing our mix into our light body vehicles is important.”

She tells Brownfield the bill is a win-win…

“Obviously, I’m a big supporter because it does support our family farmers, but you know, I also think we need to be mindful of the environment.”  She says, “I think this is a way for us again to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Budzinski says there’s been little movement on the Next Gen Fuels Act but is hopeful it picks up once Congress tackles some other higher priority issues, such as the impending March 1st budget deadline and the farm bill.

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