IL implements increased biodiesel blends

A new Illinois law went into effect this week that should improve the bottom line for the state’s soybean growers. 

Illinois Soybean Association chairman Ron Kindred says the first step of the B20 Bill encourages higher biodiesel blend usage through a sales tax exemption…

“The state sales tax exemption ramped up to B14. We had been at a B11 level.”  He says, “This year it’s B14. Next year it ramps up to B17 and then in 2026 we go to B20.”

He tells Brownfield full implementation in 2026 will create tremendous additional demand for U.S. soybeans…

“It means a potential 90 to 100 million gallons of soybean oil.”  He says, “So that’s 65 to 70 million bushels of soybeans. It’s increasing the demand domestically here for our soybeans, which I think is something we need to focus on.”

Kindred says the environmental benefits of higher biodiesel blends are another win…

“We’re going to reduce emissions by over 70% compared to conventional petroleum based diesel fuel.”  He says, “So, you have a lot of wins here for soybean farmers with this legislation.”

The new law requires 14% of every gallon of biodiesel sold in Illinois through November 30th to be derived largely from domestically produced, renewable vegetable oil, primarily made from soybeans.

AUDIO: Ron Kindred – ISA Chariman

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