IL legislation aims to create clean fuel standard

Legislation introduced in the Illinois General Assembly would create a clean fuel standard in the state.

The bill’s primary sponsor, State Senator Dave Koehler, of Peoria, says Senate Bill 1556 would create a credit marketplace for low-emission fuels overseen by the Illinois EPA.

“If you do things that are going to help lower your carbon intensity scores on your farm, or in your transportation, or whatever you do, you can get a credit for that.”  He says, “Folks that have to buy the credits are the ones that are polluters, or the fossil fuel industry.”

The senator tells Brownfield the bill has Midwestern farmers in mind…

“We’re trying to engage agriculture as a main component of producing biofuels as a way to decarbonize our atmosphere, to lessen our carbon intensity scores in terms of transportation just across the board,” he says.

Koehler says the measure is in line with other environmental goals established by the state, and several ag groups are working together to better align the proposal to agriculture…

Trying to further refine just how the credit system would work.”  He says, “How credit would be given, and what kind of activities would result in a credit. So, we’ve got the corn growers, the Farm Bureau, the soybean growers all engaged in conversation around that.”

Currently, California, Oregon and Washington are the only states with clean transportation standards.

AUDIO: IL State Senator Dave Koehler

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