IL Soil Health Leadership Program seeking applicants

The newly renamed Soil Health Leadership Program is looking for its next crop of soil health ambassadors.

Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP) vice president Megan Baskerville says the fifth-year program is an opportunity to dig deeper into the topic…

“The six training sessions will cover those kind of basic principles to nutrient management.”  She says, “Soil biology and then just really in-depth items like cover crop selection for our area, seeding techniques, termination and then also soil health demonstration.”

She tells Brownfield good soil health practices are a key to nutrient management…

“ISAP’s mission is to address the Illinois nutrient loss reduction strategy,” she says, “and we see that soil health systems are really a key integral part to addressing our water quality concerns.”

Baskerville says the graduates carry the message of soil health…

“We renamed it the Soil Health Leadership Program to really kind of emphasize that part of it.”  She says, “We, of course, want to build people’s skill set around implementing soil health systems, but we want to also make sure they take that knowledge back into their communities.”

Ag professionals are encouraged to apply by May 31st for the training that starts in August.

A link to more information can be found HERE.

The program was formerly known as the Advanced Soil Health Training Program.

AUDIO: Megan Baskerville, VP of ISAP

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