Improvements for SCN outlook is bleak, according to a plant pathologist

A plant pathologist says the chances that farmers could eradicate soybean cyst nematode from their fields is unlikely.

“It’s going to be there forever, unfortunately, barring some sort of treatment in the future.”

But, Dylan Mangel with University of Nebraska Extension says, there are ways to limit disease pressure. “Testing is the best way to truly figure out if you have it. There are several state programs, as well as, private labs that you can soil to test for.”

He tells Brownfield producers can also select a variety with resistance. “A lot of resistance from the resistance gene from PI88788 is out there, but that gene has lost effectiveness over many years of use.  There is new genes coming on the market. Peking is the second most common and consider using one of those.”

Mangel says producers could also use nematode-protected seed treatments, but researchers are still collecting evidence to determine which are most effective.

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