Include weed eval in early season crop scouting

An Enlist field specialist recommends including weed pressure into early season crop scouting.

Mark Mongin says once planting is done and preemergence herbicides are applied, regular scouting is imperative.

“I mean really getting out, boots on the ground scouting. Most soybean growers will want to get out to do the stand evaluation this time (of year) anyway, so I would advise taking part of that time to really observe what else is coming up.”

He tells Brownfield there are some helpful questions soybean growers can ask themselves when preparing for postemergence herbicide applications.

“What weeds are we finding? What products did I use last year? What products do I need to think about for this year? Do I need to make a program change or rotation? And when am I going to make that all-important post application?”

Mongin says the type of weeds farmers are seeing should also factor into management plans.

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