Indiana Farm Bureau celebrates 2024 legislative victories

Indiana Farm Bureau says banning the sale of ag land to foreign adversarial countries is one of the organization’s top legislative victories this year. President Randy Kron says the General Assembly got the language right. “We’re not going make them sell out or leave and push them out of Indiana,” he says. “But they’re not going to be able to expand.”

Six countries are listed as barred from purchasing ag land in Indiana: China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela. 

He says the ag industry, state legislature, and Hoosier farmers worked to ensure the law didn’t hinder any advancements in trait technology. “I’m not going to say Syngenta was 100% happy,” he says.  “But having the research and development exception in there and being able to renew their leases they I think they left. So, there was a compromise there.”

Kron tells Brownfield it does set parameters for ag land leases. “They can keep their leases for their research and development, they just cannot increase it,” he says. “It will allow them to renew what they have when the leases are up.”

The bill also prevents foreign adversaries from owning a majority interest in a company that also owns ag land.

The rules of the bill go into effect July 1, 2024. 

AUDIO: Randy Kron, Indiana Farm Bureau

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