Indiana Farm Bureau sets policy recommendations in delegate session

Indiana Farm Bureau has set policy recommendations that will guide the organization during the next year.

Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron says it’s an important process to understand top issues for farmers across the state.

“The priorities here and what we establish in the discussions- that’s our policy book for this next year as we go the statehouse when they go into session early next year,” he says.

He tells Brownfield broadband remains a priority.

“We know the governor has made some initiatives and tried to move the needle some but it’s going to take all of us working together and getting the statehouse behind it, and like anything it’s going to take more dollars to resolve that one,” he says.

Kron says farmers have expressed a lot of interest in hemp as well. A bill legalizing hemp in Indiana was passed in the spring but work is currently being done to establish rules and regulations for a hemp program in the state.

“We’re trying to make sure our farmers that are interested understand they have to get a license- you don’t just go grow industrial hemp,” he says. “It’s also important to find markets. If you’re going to grow it, we have to have access to some markets so there’s a development phase that needs to happen.” 

Audio: Randy Kron, Indiana Farm Bureau President

Trade is also a priority. Steve Williams, Fulton County Farm Bureau President, says trade impacts the entire agriculture industry.

“Trade is directly affecting us,” he says. “I’m a New Holland dealer and trade is directly affecting our bottom line and our sales, but trade affects everything and is one of the big things Indiana Farm Bureau is directly looking at.”

Audio: Steve Williams, Fulton County Farm Bureau President

The state board will now select 4-6 priority issues based on the recommendations of the 255 voting delegates. Indiana Farm Bureau will also submit recommendations to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Delegates from each Indiana county attended the Indiana Farm Bureau Delegate Session in Danville on Saturday.

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