Indiana Farm Bureau voting delegates set policy for 2024

Indiana Farm Burau voting delegates have adopted policies that will direct the organization in the upcoming year.

Andy Tauer is the executive director of public policy with INFB.

“Our members put us in a good position as we look toward the 2024 legislative session over at the statehouse and ultimately some of the work we do at the county level as well,” he says.

According to INFB, the delegate body consisted of 235 farmers and agribusiness professionals from across the state. Members discussed issues including local government notices, renewable energy, research, and more.

Tauer tells Brownfield the 2023 Delegate Session provided an opportunity to hear issues impacting members and their communities.

“One of the big themes that we heard was the desire to have more noticing and information to local communities and citizens about what cities, towns, and counties are doing at the local level. One of the challenges that we have is a lot of that is published in local newspapers and as those local newspapers go away or as circulation dwindles, what is the proper way to notice local citizens? Members had a long discussion about what is most appropriate and how do we have more of that done electronically, whether that’s on the county website, an e-mail server list, etc.,” he says. “…That ties directly into some things that we heard in terms of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and some of its noticing and projects. A lot of this is brought forth because the LEAP project in Boone County. We heard members are supportive of economic develop and they understand that there’s a time period where those projects need to stay confidential, but when it is time to start having the conversation, let’s make sure that we have those conversations open, honest, and very frequently. Our members want to be engaged and informed so they can make the best decisions for their communities.”

He says it ties back to rural viability, which will continue to be a focus area for the organization moving forward. 

The voting delegates finalized Indiana Farm Bureau’s policy book during the session on Saturday, Aug. 26. Tauer says next steps include the board of directors setting policy priorities.

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Audio: Andy Tauer

  • When you talk about vulnerability, consider this: The biggest national security concern w/ farmland is we allow wind & solar installations on them. These installations can be (often are) sold to foreign companies who manage & control them. A foreign company controlling our energy? It’s already happening & it’s a major threat.

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